Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo - space issues


Jun 1, 2008
I want this thing for my 4870, but it looks like it will render only one PCI slot usable on a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P - can any1 confirm this?

I would get the UD3R instead, but newegg is being retarded and selling the UD3P for $5 cheaper with the promo code and is offering free shipping only on the UD3P, making it like $15+ cheaper than the lower model....

I guess I might have to go with the p5q pro, but I'm tired of asus boards and the UD3P is a better deal since it comes with a free 2gb flash drive.

EDIT - sigh, I think I can pretty much confirm this myself. Time to wait for newegg to wake up and offer the same discounts on the UD3R...