Arcade Game Distributors


Oct 27, 2001
Er, I guess I meant that as more of a "do you know what you're getting yourself into" type statement.

Can easily reach upwards of 10K depending on the unit. Rentals can be a lot better, but arcades (at least around here) just don't seem to do the business they used to years ago. Consoles just got too close I guess :(
Yeah I know what I'm doing. I'm going to get a business loan from the government and my location is directly across from a local high school where the kids have open campus lunches, so when they come across to go to the subway next door they can play some games too. I'm just trying to get my act together right now, thanks though.
Originally posted by moralpanic
Yeah, they start at $3k for the cheapest models.

But i'm sure he could find some that rents them... but there are still a lot of games where you would need to buy them, especially the newer ones.

Uhhh maybe for brand new ones but you should be able to get a used one much cheaper. I dont know about the US but where I am (Australia) they regularly have auctions where they sell off old arcade and pinball machines. Mate of mine bought an xmen vs streetfighter machine for about 500 AUD. He then purchased additional capcom game boards (xmen vs capcom & NBA jam) from an online dealer in Aus for a couple of hundred bucks each.
That's the thing though, I can't just have two cabinets and 10 PCB's laying around, I'm looking at least 10 or 12 cabinets. Yeah it's going to be expensive to start up, but the potential for profit is great once you pay off the machines.