Aquaero 6 Pro 3 Pin Fan Control

Jul 6, 2010
Should a regular 3 pin fan just take off and run when hooked up to the Aquaero fan headers? Mine work with PWM fans, but if I hook up a 3 pin fan, it will not run. I have tried XPSC fans, a GT,and a Coolermaster and Corsair 140mm 3 pin fan.

I am running 6 Corsair fans from 2 splitter blocks on outputs 1 and 2. I moved one of the blocks over to 3 and it still worked.

I used the software to set 3 and 4 over to power controlled, and that did not help. Anyone have any ideas?


Dec 2, 2010
Not familiar with Aquero. PWM fans modulate speed by switching 12V on and off. (this is where "clicking" can come from). 3 pin fans are DC +, -, and RPM leads.
3 pin fans are controlled by reducing voltage (hence "start" voltage and 5V, 7V mods). Various voltage reduction control methods.