Apple To Get Month Of Security Bugs

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Dec 31, 1969
Apple will soon be a member of the “month of bugs” club. Two security researchers will begin publishing details of a flood security vulnerabilities in Apple’s products.

The project is being launched by an independent security researcher, Kevin Finisterre, and a hacker known as LMH, who declined to reveal his identity. Some of the bugs “might represent a significant risk,” LMH said in an e-mail interview. “Others have a lower impact on security. We are trying to develop working exploits for every issue we find.”
Sounds good. Apple are pretty safe systems as it is, if people are finding those bugs that plague the system it will only be safer.
We have a primarily Mac environment where I work. Needless to say, there are a number of, shall we say, "dedicated" Mac users, to varying degrees of "dedication". The fact that gets blurted out WAY too often is how OS X is so secure, and everything made by Microsoft has herpes. These arguments never really bother me, other than the logic deficiency they display, as I learned long ago, act like a dirty internet user, and the dirty internet won't have to work very hard to find you. The vast majority of "problems" are of the PBKAC kind and easily avoidable.

Personally, I'm glad OS X is getting some attention over security vulnerabilities, as people seem to forget that OTHER people, make that TONES of other people, are involved in cobbling these operating systems together, and that mistakes are bound to happen.

So Mac users, stock up on the E-Condoms, and welcome to the club!