Apple Patent Reveals Apple Pencil Working With The iPhone


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Aug 20, 2006
Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave again! Based on the patent images, it sure looks like Apple intends to bring the Pencil to the iPhone line.

In an interview with Tim Cook it was noted that he had stated: "And if you've ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it's really unbelievable." It was clear that Cook had seen a future iPhone working with Apple Pencil and so we know it's coming, it's just a matter of when. In addition, Bloomberg had reported back in August that Apple Pencil would work with a larger array of apps on the iPad in 2017. One of today's patent applications that were published by the US Patent & Trademark Office reveals Apple Pencil working with the iPhone and with an expanded array of applications for the iPhone and iPad.


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 16, 2008
"Who wants a stylus?" Jobs said while introducing the iPhone. "You have to get 'em, put 'em away, you lose 'em. Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus. So let's not use a stylus."

“If you see a stylus, they blew it.” -Steve Jobs, 2010
Given that people see him as a visionary, the dude was a completely myopic blowhard.