Apple May Be Working on a Crumb-Resistant MacBook Keyboard


Aug 20, 2006
A new patent application suggests that Apple will be releasing a keyboard immune to crumbs, dust, liquids, and other contaminants. Formally described as “ingress prevention,” the document explains how an embedded skirt can be used to create a “guard structure” for keeping keys sealed.

The super-shallow buttery style keyboards on Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops have caused serious headaches for some users. The keys and keyboard mechanism are so tightly packed together than even the tiniest crumbs or bits of debris can get lodged under or next to a key, preventing it from properly registering a keystroke.
Well whatever helps when you're eating that scone in a Starbucks on a Saturday morning...
We need to bring back the keyboard used on the Atari 400. I just remember it having a membrane and being kind of hard to type on. However, I doubt you could get a crumb under it.
We need to bring back the keyboard used on the Atari 400. I just remember it having a membrane and being kind of hard to type on. However, I doubt you could get a crumb under it.
Or you could... I dunno, don't use your keyboard as a place mat when you're eating. Sure you might get the occasional one under, but a better desire would be to have it easily pop the keys up (without doing it one by one) then you can vacuum it clean, for me it's always been hair under they keys more so than crumbs though, an eyelash here and there, over years ... it builds up, gross is the silicone grease some keyboards use too so it really gunks up bleh.
What sucks is that tons of laptop manufacturers have adopted this keyboard type and any crumb is enough to send you into a rage as you try to remove it. There's been times with my HP where I've said "aww f' it, I'm just not going to use the H key anymore."

def ome_menu()

"Why do all of your functions lack the letter H?"

"Twas' not a good time in my history."
"Apple May Be Working on a Crumb-Resistant MacBook Keyboard"


I never fucking eat over my keyboards. At my desk at home, my keyboard is on a slide-out tray, and I push the tray all the way in, and then push the keyboard further under the desk, so that none of it is showing while I am eating. I do get dust and occasional crumbs/hair on it, but the keycaps can be easily pulled off on my K70, and the keyboard surface can be easily wiped/blown clean. When I was in school, and at work, I just push the keyboard away from me/off to the side when I am eating. Never had much tolerance for disgusting, dirty keyboards. I was that guy at work who was always cleaning and disinfecting the keyboards (and not just the ones I was using either).
A lot of you guys are using that "courage" spiel, but really, this *is* probably the most innovative thing Apple has done in a while.

You know it's bad when you press a key and ants come out to attack your finger.
simple. Lay a plastic sheet or bag over the keyboard if you're gonna eat shit.

I have a plastic sheet taped over mine always.
Sooo... you turn the rubber domes under the switch into the switch themselves?
Or...when the crumb-resistant Apple keyboard senses toast/donuts/McInEdibles nearby, it morphs itself into the face of your mother, sprays Apple-Juice on you, while Siri scolds you about your poor eating habits. Although... admit haven't read the patent that courageously.
"... other contaminants" um, ewwww. Maybe learn to aim away from the computer during certain, uh, activities.
How did they get a patent for something that's basically been done by others and is also obvious under the art. PTO is a joke.
I have a crumb resistant keyboard already, because Im not a fucking slob and I eat at the dinner table.
Stop eating Doritos while playing on your 2,000 dollar laptop. This isn't hard.

Some people's laptops make me throw up a bit in my mouth.
Fuck replacing them too. Last MacBook I fixed had a broken power button... the only broken key on the entire thing.

Literally have to remove / disconnect _everything_.