Apple charges tax for online/phone orders?!? Doh.


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Oct 11, 2001
Well, I guess I'll be getting my iBook locally :(

Sorry, Gigglebyte, but I hate waiting for shipping anyway... and if I have to pay tax no matter what I'll just grab it from the local store so I can use it immediately. I can do the ram upgrade cheaper on my own anyway... airport they can do. The only thing I miss out on is the extra HD space. But, I can always use my iPod externally. Or another firewire drive. Plus, less hassle about warranty work if I've been through everything at the local place...

Sigh. Stupid Uncle Sam.
You get hit with sales tax whenever the company you buy from has a physical presence in your state. Thus companies like Apple, with stores everywhere, has to charge sales tax whereas Dell, which exists mainly in Texas, does not in most other states. I suppose Apple could pull a Barnes & Noble, creating a secondary firm that exists only to sell online or by phone and base it in one or two states that don't have sales taxes.
Yes, they do charge tax for online and phone orders.

That's why I just went 10 minutes to The Apple Store and got my iBook.

Snugglebear: Interesting B&N info.
it isn't that we have stores in every state it is that we have business licenses in every state...that is what determines if you have to pay tax from an online store not just if they have a store and since Apple wants to stay nice and legal and not have Uncle Sam get pissy about things it just makes life easier this way and it is ok isn't like I wanted to actually WIN something at work or anything :p
don't worry about it...I have won more crap in the last 2 years than most anybody else there so it is no if we were still getting movie tickets that would be another thing..I still have like 5-6 pairs from when we did get them
Nice. I plan on going down monday or tuesday. I'll just get APE for now. Do the RAM partially through the school year.
I'm thinking about getting the Apple Care for my powerbook before its one year runs up, i just gotta scrape together the money in time :-/
Well worth it personally.

You know what would happen if you didnt buy it. 3 months down the road when your MLB goes up, and repair is gonna cost you a cool 1k, you will be wishing you got it.
nah...out of warranty repair costs for non accidental damage is just under $400 but still it costs more than if you had the applecare
there is no dollar limit on sales tax....if it is sold and you are not a reseller you pay tax
Different locale's have different taxes as well. Within California you'll get a different rate in each county and city since everyone tacks on additional sales tax surcharges.