App crashing - how to fully remove and reset?

Apr 8, 2002
I have an ios game (Splendor) that started crashing to desktop every time I open it.

I restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and deleted all the app data, but it still crashes every time I open it. It works fine on my wife’s phone and there’s nothing about iOS incompatibility online.

Is there any other way to make sure there’s no data from the previous install messing things up? It’s not worth factory resetting but I can’t figure out why this one single app would just stop working.

Phone is a 2 month old iPhone 12 with iOS 14.3.


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 24, 2001
Wow. I honestly don't know what to tell you. It seems like you've done everything possible to get it to work right. The only other thing I could suggest is literally just sequencing. Have you tried deleting the app, deleting all the app data. Then restarting the phone before reinstalling the app? There is a small chance that that would flush whatever cache may still have data from that app before it reinstalls. Other than that I can't think of anything else.