Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy released for Steam

There is speculation that they censored blood in Dual Destinies to reach an ESRB T rating.
There is speculation that they censored blood in Dual Destinies to reach an ESRB T rating.
From what I've read, there's no actual change in the content (neither in Japanese original nor Western distributed versions) but rather its just how the rating was assessed previously vs this time around. Without giving any spoilers, the hypothetical justification for the original M rating in Dual Destinies was really unwarranted and more of an issue with sensitivity to any violence involving/around kids and/or possibly "terrorism", even if the content itself was less than you'd see in a network TV police procedural/courtroom drama. Reducing it to T seems quite reasonable. There have been some other rating changes when older games are are brought in collections or to a new platform, and in general (though far from exclusively) it seems like the ESRB is less stringent than they used to be. Unfortunately, in Japan it seems that CERO, their game rating equivalent, has been getting more restrictive in some regards. In any event, I've not seen anyone report that Dual Destinies is censored or edited in order to justify the Teen rating.
Hm. Looking over what's pictured there aren't many that really change the context except the "no offense" one; I'd have to look at the comparison of the Japanese in the Trilogy version. I'm wondering how much was changed for "sensitivity" reasons (in both JP and ENG, or just ENG ) vs it just being a separate re-translation for Trilogy instead of just raw importing of the DS version. It seems they could have made other changes to be more "sensitive" if that was the intent. I'm curious to see if there are other changes to the english script in other cases or if its only that particular one.

In any case I doubt this has anything to do with the ratings issue, but in any event I'm sure that at least the PC will likel have a mod to restore the original translation for those who wish it, but conceptually any editing for fear of offense or similar censorship is not acceptable.
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When you have two different teams localizing the same material (assuming there aren't any changes made to the dialog in the Japanese release) you're going to end up with a lot of different results. If the source material had any radical changes then it's also going to reflect on the localization. People just going "look, its different" is entirely pointless without also comparing the same pieces of dialog from the source material to see if there were any major changes that would contribute to a change in the localization.