Anyone using the Corsair K83? Your thoughts?


Sep 4, 2017
I'm considering buying the K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard, made by Corsair.

I'm just wondering what your experience with it has been like.

And specifically:
- can it be used with Android mobile phones? (I believe so, but your experience valuable.)
- can it be used in a "wired" mode, with a PC? (I believe so, but confirmation appreciated.)
- can the battery be removed / replaced?
- would the keyboard continue to function, in a wired configuration, if the battery were removed?​

I'm investigating this keyboard, because in a way, it's maybe the closest thing to what I really want from a keyboard. Namely...
  • low keys
  • low travel distance / scissor-switch
  • quiet keystrokes
  • wired
  • ten-keyless / TKL
  • decent quality
...amongst a few other features. Unfortunately, the "small footprint" advantage of the TKL format is in a way lost in the Corsair K83, because it has all that mouse / joystick functionality... but maybe this makes the keyboard versatile, and maybe I'd find uses for it in other ways.

If others find themselves reading this, and can recommend an alternative keyboard instead, please do so!

In some ways, the Cougar Vantar is another close one (although, not TKL here) but some YouTube reviews slam it for poor construction which make it a nightmare to maintain / clean.

Grateful for any advice or thoughts! (y)