Anyone used an ASUS Chomebit for a Signage?


Feb 16, 2001
So I have been given a task to turn some TVs at my daughter's gymnastics club into signage. Currently they have all the TVs connected together using component cables and a splitter to a DVD player which they burn a new disc for any changes to the presentation. However they want to do more with the TVs. Example: have a movie night where the movie will display across all 4 TVs. Or stream the Olympics, a different sport per TV.

I was thinking of a Chromebit or building RaspPi2 boxes. I tried the cheap route of a Chromecast but their internet sucks and if they want to stream to all TVs different content it will turn into a PEBKAC issue as well as the computer used to stream to these is weak and isn't able to handle the HD stream.

If you have any ideas on how I can make this work, I'm all ears.



Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 11, 2006
distributive video isnt simple :/

For signage I would use a raspberry pi with linux on it or something simple...

but to then also watch a stream or something similar well then I would run cat5 to each tv (2) and back to a matrix switch (HDMI) using CAT5-HDMI converters (not IP) and then you can have 1 cable box that goes to all TVs to watch something.....

If you get like a 4x5 matrix switch then you can have DVD player, cable box and a raspberry pi all connected and then pick which TVs get which signal

Something like
4X4 True Matrix HDMI® Powered Switch with Remote Control (Rev. 3.0) -

with 2 of these for each TV
HDMI® Extender using Cat5e/CAT6 cable extending up to 196 ft, Supporting DDC & HDCP -

I have seen TVs that will read jpgs off a flashdrive for digital sign purposes....

there are kiosk apps on W10 and linux that you could run a stick PC and use also....

but I like the matrix switch and doing the old fashion running cables


Oct 6, 2016
5 steps to use ASUS Chomebit!
1. Work at a distance
2. Adjust text size
3. Keep the screen on
4. Prepare to Present
5. Learn Linux