Anyone see any problems with this?

Feb 1, 2002
2500+ Barton
Zalman 7000Cu
Asus A7n8x-E Deluxe
2x 256MB Corsair PC3200
Saphire 9600XT 128MB
WD 60GB 8MB cache
Antec Sonata with Antec PSU(already got)

I've got monitors, opticals, kb , mouse etc.

Is there anything glaringly wrong with this? I'm particularly wondering about the heatsink...will it be ok with that mobo+case?

I'm pretty much going for a cheap system so I don't really need any more power than this...just reliability.

well the system looks fine but I'd have to say I'd thinka bout getting 1 stick 512 instead of two to save the ram port, plus if you spend ten bucks mroe you can get a 9700 np 128 meg, or for about the same a 9800 np 128. is your friend.