Anyone run a 2407WFP with a 2007FP (non widescreen?)


May 18, 2007
So I have 2 2007WFP S-IPS widescreens laying around as well as a 2007FP (S-IPS widescreen). Since I'm going to set up 2 new computers (there goes all my money...), I was wondering if anyone has every run a 2407WFP with the 2007FP (non widescreen)?

I say that because I realized the 2007FP is at 1600 x 1200 reso which would be the same height reso as the 2407WFP. Of course, actual physical monitor height is off a little less than an inch but height reso would be the same.

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? Also, would the S-PVA / A-MVA of the 2407WFP/-HC be that noticeable compared to an S-IPS next to it?