Anyone know where to get a good DS bundle?

Aug 16, 2004
Christmas is in the air and i'm getting my friend a DS.. but i was wondering if there was a good bundle floating around so i should just get that one. Thanks in advance.. now back to work!!
youre a good friend... i would get the Zelda DS wich is gold that come with phantom hourglass. Just 10$ more with one of the best game out there.

Have fun
Oh i thought that was a limited time deal. I was leaning more towards a bundle with a black DS but i dont think there are any ones available around. I can make due with a different color but primary is black. She isnt really a gamer and i giggle every time i see her carry her graphing calculator to play ztris. She wants Nintendogs but meh i'd rather get her puzzle quest or like brain age.