Anyone know the RPM and db of a stock Ti4600 fan?



Im trying to find out, but having a hard time. Ive just built a SFF case for my little girl, but want it to be able to play games as well. So Im trying out a Ti4600 that Im probably going to buy, it doesnt have the stock heatsink/fan on it. And its LOUD.

Thats what it has on it, 5500 RPM, and 29db, with 10.6cfm. Id like to know how much the stock heatsink/fan has in those three areas, so I can tell if its worth my time trying to track one down.

I had a G4 MX 420, and was dead silent, I couldnt hear this SFF at all unless I leaned real close. Now its as loud as my main rig, cause its on top of the desk right beside me. I dont want to go back to the MX, because as we all know it sucks for games.