Anyone here use a Asus Rampage 4 Extreme


Aug 27, 2007
I have a friend that has the Asus Rampage 4 Extreme motherboard. But he tells me that the chipset fan high pitch noise. Is the fan replaceable?

That you for any help.
Fan replacement I have no idea but you can always blow a fan on the PCH. Mine is a loud little pch fan but if it ever breaks ill just use a fan to blow right on it.
First off I don't think the fan is replaceable but that being said in the newest BIOS revision the fan is set to only spin up when needed. And quite frankly mine has never spun up once since I've been running version 4901. And to tell you the truth with the older BIOSes when it did spin constantly I still never heard the thing. Your friend must have a bad fan on his board. I've gone through 3 differnent RIVEs and none of them made any noise. But like I said its a moot point anyway since the new BIOS basically disables the fan
that high pitch whine was a fairly common issue for the early releases. Luckily mine is fine. and i'm pretty sure the fan is controllable through bios or software i don't remember. Probably doesn't get THAT hot. so you could tone it down.

It probably is replaceable but its not just a simple swap as it has like one of those armor things and its attached to a pipe.... etc. Might be better trying to find a board on ebay for parts replacing the whole assembly.
You could contact that Jolene lady.

" Quickest way to get an RMA issue looked at is to drop an email to cl-jolene directly, she deals with the RMA center"....quote from another thread.

She may be able to point you to the proper person to send you a new part?

I had a similar issue a long,long time ago with an A8N-SLi board, chipset fan went south.
I emailed ASUS and they sent me out a new fan directly.