Anyone heard modded Sennheiser HD800 before?


May 20, 2016
Has anyone actually here actually ever modded their Sennheiser HD800, either with the Anax (felt insert) mod, or the Super Dupont Resonator mod, or both?

I'm so confused about the hype of these headphones. Apparently the Sennheiser HD800/S isn't even on InnerFidelity's hall of fame anymore, and most people on SBAF, Head-Fi, etc consider it inferior to the Focal Elear and MrSpeakers Ether Flow these days. My own experience was it was a shrill mess and I upgraded to the HD800S as soon as it came out, and enjoyed it alot more.

And yet a HD800 with the Anax + Super Dupont mod beat out the Stax SR-009 with Blue Hawaii SE amplifier in Inner Fidelity's blind shootout with multiple guest listeners.

Has anyone ever actually heard a modded HD800? How can this can which lately has been beaten by mid-tier summit-fi cans somehow beat the King of the Hill (SR-009) with some minor modifications? I'm interested in buying and modding my own HD800 if it's any good (as I sold mine last year) but just can't imagine how these cans could possibly compete with the Ether Flow, Hifiman HE1000, Focal Utopia or Stax SR-009 with just some tiny mods. Can anyone clarify if they have experience.
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