Anyone have a Fractal Design R2/3 and a Scythe Mugen 2?


Mar 1, 2005
I've got this combination coming, along with some ram that have tall heatsinks (g.skill ripjaw x). All the research I put into picking parts and after I order the one thing I realize that I think might trip me up is that the ram might not fit with the ram heatsink. I've read that the fan can be adjusted up/down along the side of the cooler a bit to make room for ram clearance, but I also read that that's a tight fit/not possible at all in a lot of cases. I'm trying to find out if in the fractal case is there enough clearance between the top of the cooler and the side of the case when closed to move the fan up enough to make room for slightly taller than average ram?

My other option is to mount the fan on the other side of the cooler, if there's enough clearance between the back case fan and where the cpu fan would then be. Any comments from someone with some experience with this combination would be greatly appreciated.