Anyone got a Thermaltake Core X5?

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    I'm planning to build a new system in a couple weeks. While my Lian Li PC-201B has served me well over the last decade or so I really want to move into something a little smaller but with good water cooling support. I've always liked cube cases - back in the day I had a nice Yeong Yang YY-0221. That thing was a beast for it's time! So I have been looking at cube style cases. The TT Core X5 has caught my eye. But like everything, it's not exactly what I want but it is pretty close.

    If you have a TT Core X5 could you answer these questions?

    1. I'm looking to do twin 280 rads or a single 420 in the top. I'd like to use 40mm-45mm thick rads so with 25mm fans that means I need at least 70mm clearance above the motherboard plus some wiggle room. How much space is there from, say the top of the card slots to the top of the case? In the case of the 420 will it interfere with the ODD drive bays?

    2. Can a tubular res/pump be installed on the right side lower chamber? What is the max height?

    3. Since my computer sits to my left, are the left and right side panels interchangeable (to put the window on the right rather than the left side)? The images on the TT site show the case with a window on either side so I am guessing yes? Do you know if a solid (non-ventilated) side panel is available?

    4. I understand the control/I-O panel can be mounted to either the left side or right side. With it on the right do you have to flip the panel over (so the power button is on the bottom)? Again, based on the TT images I'm guessing yes? (BOO! :()

    5. How would you rate the overall construction quality of the case? I'm coming from a Lian Li so I'm used to very high quality construction, fit, and finish (just not features!)

    Any suggestions for other cube style cases that:

    • Fit ATX motherboards.
    • Can accommodate either twin 280 x 45 or a single 420 x 45 rad in the top.
    • Has at least two ODD bays.
    • Has right side window (optional).
    • Has controls/I-O on front (preferred).
    • Is not stupidly expensive (Yes I'm looking at you Case Labs!) Want to keep it under ~$200.

    Thanks for any feedback
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