Anyone find an i7 8086k for sale yet?

Discussion in 'Intel Processors' started by fociz, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Jun 1, 2013
    People comparing it to the 5ghz 8700K from SL are doing so without data. So far, all reports are that the 8086K hits 5ghz on all cores simply with multi-core enhancement turned on, without manual voltage changes. If that is universally true, it would imply it's better than a 5ghz SL bin. Anandtech hit 5.1ghz with considerably lower voltage than a SL 5.1ghz CPU, but their testing is less rigorous and that is only 1 CPU.

    Honestly, we don't know how good the 8086K is on average because in order to find that out, you'd need to buy 100, delid them all and test each one. Fortunately, SL is doing exactly that(in numbers much greater than 100, probably) so on Jun 17 we'll know how good the pre-binning on the 8086K actually is. Until then it's all just speculation.
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    Nov 18, 2016
    PCper's pre-review experience so far have been that they get their sample to boost to 5.0ghz even when trying different motherboards. (Link)

    I'll admit to have not read other reviews on the new CPU, but it does make me wonder. There is only so much one can do before the thermal run away of using TIM under the IHS.
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    We start having some idea from hwbot Average overclock on air

    8700k: 4952GHz
    8086k: 5218GHz

    One average is over 20000 samples the other is only 59 samples, so 8086k averave will change over time, but it is highly unlikely that all submitted samples of the new i7 are above the production average. So it seems confirmed the new i7 is a better chip with extra headroom.
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    got one from Amazon 425 dollars at Amazon got mine today