Anyone ever go from a 27 to a 32" 1440p using same model display?


Aug 4, 2015
I currently have a 34" LG Ultrawide (curved). I love it. The model is in my signature.

But I am looking for a new monitor. Not because I want to replace the ultrawide, but because I want a 16:9 for some games. I want to shop as if I am buying my primary monitor all over again.

I really liked the idea of buying a 27" flat. But after some reading, the one I keep coming back to the Samsung Odyssey G7. I was pretty sold on the 27", but the 32" is only $100 more! I'd really like the 32", but not at the cost of quality. I know the 27" will look better... but by how much is my concern. These monitors are just used for web browsing and gaming. So those are my main concerns. No movies or anything like that.

I'd really like to hear some personal experiences going from a 27" to a 32"