Anyone else sucking really hard at Red Faction's multiplayer?


Jul 13, 2007
My K/D ratio is at about's pathetic. I seem to really have a hard time killing folks with guns, while they just tear through me.

I'm I alone?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
You're not alone. I am pretty lame at it too. Usually I'm not the last in the leader boards, but rarely am I even close to first either. I seem to always be on the crappy team too when it comes to playing Siege and Damage Control. I don't know why but damn does it suck.

I for the life of me CANNOT get the achievement where you stick someone flying with a remote detonator either...
One of the tactics I noticed people really tearing me up with was the damage booster backpack. That thing adds pretty crazy damage, you might try using it on folks, see how you like it. I personally found it highly satisfying to go invisible and whack the piss out of folks with the sledge. Didn't rack up the kills, but man was it fun.