Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

OK, i realize HarddForum readers are hard core enthusiasts and that a vast majority view overclocking as a critical and necessary thing.

However, although a lower end enthusiast, I have no interest at all in overclocking.

For me, I see very very little value at all.

I have an i5-8400 on a H370 motherboard now, since I will never overclock it. The upgrade over my 3570K has been really significant, especially in CPU intensive games like Endless Legend and Civ 6 and some RPGs.

When I first got the 3570K, I spent like a week going through the whole process of overclocking the chip to get the highest possible speed. Seemingly endless tweaking and running torture programs to see if it was stable, checking my CPU temps and agonizing over whether I used the right thermal paste and installed the color correctly, and running endless benchmarks to see the frankly minor overall speed increases.

A year or two passed, and I needed to go into my BIOS and I discovered that somehow all my overclocking settings were no longer set and it was running purely at stock. In real world gaming and use, I did not even remotely notice that the overclock had fallen off.

On the flip side, I HATE noise. I need my PC to be completely silent. I do not game with a headset and noise drives me bonkers. Any noise. Clicking fans, coil whine, all of it I will do whats needed to eliminate it.

I would never consider a founders video card or any video card that was loud. It's the first page I read on any component review, what is its noise.

I always had gotten the K processors and SLI "just in case" I wanted to overclock.

My i5-8400 idles at 23, has NEVER gone above 45C at any point in normal use, and is completely silent from 3 feet. I couldnt't be happier.

Any else in this small minority?

What motherboard did you go with for that chip?