Anyone else having issues?


Sep 20, 2010
Sorry if this has already been posted in here. I typically don't venture out of GenMay but didn't think it needed to be posted there.

So I have been quietly folding off and on for a while now and I got home from work yesterday and notice that something wasn't right. In my work queue I see Update_Core and then my other slot that appears to be running fine.

So I check my log and it appears that my client keeps wanting to download Core_15 and has problems accessing the core package then tries to download again.

My question is is anyone else having this issue, and if so what did you do to fix it (keep in mind I don't know too much about folding and tweaks that can be done to things.). Or if things can't be fixed right now then any other suggestions.

Folding is kind of a heat source for me in the winter and I am getting rather cold so the sooner this got fixed then the sooner I would return my body to normal operating temperature.

Here is a copy of my log if that helps:

*********************** Log Started 2012-12-08T20:18:20Z ***********************
20:18:20:WU00:FS00:Cleaning up
20:18:20:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:18:21:WU00:FS00:News: Welcome to Folding@Home
20:18:21:WU00:FS00:Assigned to work server
20:18:21:WU00:FS00:Requesting new work unit for slot 00: READY gpu:0:"Cayman PRO [AMD Radeon 6900 Series]" from
20:18:21:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:18:21:WU00:FS00: Downloading 59.25KiB
20:18:22:WU00:FS00: Download complete
20:18:22:WU00:FS00:Received Unit: id:00 state:DOWNLOAD error:NO_ERROR project:8054 run:0 clone:1766 gen:65 core:0x15 unit:0x000000486953ee2f50626b0fac38c5fe
20:18:22:WU00:FS00: Downloading core from
20:18:22:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:18:22:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Failed to access core package.
20:18:22:WU00:FS00: Downloading project 8054 description
20:18:22:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:18:23:WU00:FS00:project 8054 description downloaded successfully
20:19:22:WU00:FS00: Downloading core from
20:19:22:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:19:22:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Failed to access core package.
20:20:59:WU00:FS00: Downloading core from
20:20:59:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:20:59:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Failed to access core package.
20:25:04:WU00:FS00: Downloading core from
20:25:04:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
20:25:04:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Failed to access core package.


[H]ard DCOTM x3
Mar 2, 2010
PG are having problems with the gpu server's, its going to take a day or so to fix, current recommendation is to pause your gpu until its fixed,

As for Genmay, most people don't venture in:D


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Sep 17, 2000
Yep, you're probably encountering the same problem I did yesterday. I posted about it here:

If you can get a hold of the new core from somewhere and replace the old one with it, you will be able to download new WUs. That's what I did and I'm currently folding.


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Jan 5, 2006
PG are having problems with the gpu server's,

Short for "its the weekend and Stanford has no weekend support". Raise a stink on the fah forum site. If enough people say the 'Emperor has not clothes', maybe they will clean up the dead elephant in the corner.