Anyone else disappointed with this seasons game releases?

it's important to find a genre or developer you really like...

That is true, but game developers often put out sequels or the same core concept reconfigured a bit. There are certainly good games that come out. I don't venture out into genres I don't like, but do try other things every now and then. For single player games, FPS, shooters, action adventure, action RPG, vehicle shooters, some fighting action adventure games, etc.

Not really into "Souls like" games or isometric.

Still, most games play similarly because there is only so many ways to can make an action adventure game. Every now and then something really stands out, but the more games you finish, the less likely that becomes. One of the things the big praises I read about Nier Automata was that the game would switch characters partway through and allow you to see things through a different perspective. Which is certainly fine, but it had been done many times before, even in not so great games like Robotech Invasion. Likewise, many people praised God of War (the recent one) as being innovative and fresh. But it was nothing I hadn't seen or played many times over the years. Though I am not even sure what the praise for God of War was in the first place. It was fun, but nothing stood out as being better than average. I have to assume a lot of the praise was from newer gamers who never played similar games in the past.