Anybody know where I can find...


Feb 11, 2002
...A plug for my Linksys WAP its model WAP11 and if you couldn't tell from its model versoin 1.1

I lost mine not to long ago and have since gotten a laptop and definatly want to get this thing up and running but I can't find the plug. If anybody knows a site where I could order one I would be very greatfull, thanks. I checked linksys' site but I couldn't find anything.
jerry rigged version...find an ac adaptor that outputs the same voltage as what the linksys should work...might start it on fire...but whatever
Heh, if your gonna use a non-manufacturer adapter, make sure you check the bottom of the router and look for it's voltage/amperage requirements. Also need to find out if it needs a center positive or center negative connection. Easy to blow things up if you just try another supply.....