Anybody have a launch 360 and not have it die yet?

I have a premium from launch day that runs fine. Many multi-hour gaming sessions without issues.
I have two launch 360s that have never had a problem. Every review done for [H]Console was done on these two and one serves as a gaming / upscale DVD player for the big screen here.

Another launch 360 I bought for a faminy friend is still going strong.

I had one 360 (non-launch) go in for repair, MS sent me a box, I slapped it in there, it was back to me in 9 days, fixed.
Still on my launch unit. Running like champ, used for games/DVD at least 20hours or so a week.
This thread is bullshit. We all know every 360 is doomed for failure. (J/k, my launch still working fine)
Not quite launch, but my brother has one of the same older ones, got it probably 6 months after launch. He plays it like 6+ hours a day because he's a freak and it has no problems at all.
Another perfectly working, unmodded 360 here. I got mine the same month they launched. It has never had any disk or read problems and only locked up on me once the entire time I have owned it.

I am going to be getting an elite soon and selling this one off. I really want HDMI and need the extra HDD space.
We were just talking about all our friends that had 360's that RROD'ed. We are not aware of one person that has had one for a decent amout of time that has not had a RROD.

Then I got to thinking, my original Nintendo (NES) is still hooked up and working right now. It may take a bit of blowing and a gentle touch to slide the games in right, but it works when you want it to.

Why can't they make them like they used to??? :(
Yup! My system was won in the mountain few contest, it's as launch as they get... still running strong. :D
a friend of mine has a launch unit, and despite its noise, were still happy playing that thing to hell in 12 hour night sessions :D
i have a launch unit, but i bought it second hand from gamestop (i had unused store credit, and my friend at the store hooked me up with a steep discount since it was used). i can't say how much the previous owner used it, but i don't play it that much. the only long gaming session i've had was when i beat graw in one sitting.