Anybody else disappointed in their Be Quiet case's quality?


Sep 7, 2005
be quiet! Dark Base 900 Black (non-pro/non-window). I've had this case for a few months, but I was just looking at it on my desk and wondering how heavy BQ's balls must be to charge what they do.

I was excited to transition from a mid-tower back to a full. The last high-end full tower case I had was an Obsidian 900D many years ago, and what I remember about it is excellent construction of aluminum and quality steel - the bezel was one solid chunk of aluminum. I wasn't expecting that level of build quality on the cheaper Dark Base, yet I was still shocked at the amount of plastic used and the only real aluminum being foil-thin sheets glued to the plastic panels that make up the front door, top, and bottom. Even the braindead PSU mounting system pales as a disappointment in comparison to the material quality. The whole thing - especially the door - feels cheap, and it's definitely not a case that can be tinkered with and reconfigured multiple times because the process by which the front and top panels are removed (ripped off the chassis, actually) and the amount of force required will lead to broken plastic pegs.

Anyway, just curious about others' experience with BQ cases.


Limp Gawd
Dec 31, 2004
Admittedly I don't have a ton of experience with all the brands. My current case is a Corsair 600T. I picked up the silent base 801 for an upcoming build based on ryzen 4000 and Nvidia 3xxx. I think the quality on the silent base is really good. I love the way the sides attach, and the metal seems to be an appropriate gauge for optimal weight to strength ratio. I've done a little modding so far, switching out the io from the more expensive dark base 900 pro in place of the supplied io. And I switched out the fan controller for the dark base 900 pro since it's a PWM versus the 3pin that comes with the silent base. Overall, I'd give the quality an 8 out of 10. Sucks that your having that experience with it.
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Limp Gawd
Oct 3, 2017
You're paying for modularity/design/engineering. That said, $200 is too much for a case with that much plastic. Ever since I went aluminum (Cooler Master atc-110-sx1) I've never gone back. Steel is strong but heavy, Plastic cheap and frail.