Any RUST players here?


Aug 1, 2005
I got into this game about a month ago on public servers and can't seem to stop playing it. In fact, I got into it enough to bring in my entire clan and start a server of our own. I know a lot of people either loved/hated the old Rust but this experimental one seems to be on the right track.

I've got both this and Ark but prefer Rust simply because it is more PVP oriented and runs a shit ton better than Ark does. Anyway, if anyone is interested in joining us on our server, here's some info on it:

The KGB Gaming RUST server is hosted on a dedicated box just for RUST (no shared host) with an active admin/owner that takes user feedback seriously. Server is brand new and I'm looking to establish a vibrant and mature community so all players are welcome. All feedback given on the KGB Gaming website subsection for RUST is always taken into consideration for future server changes.

BP wipes will only happen once a month (or may take longer based on feedback). Map wipes may happen every two weeks unless it's forced by Facepunch or the server entity/collision gets too high necessitating one for smooth operation.

There's also a dedicated website with Xenforo based forum and a TeamSpeak.

Website: TeamSpeak:


  • Teleport system using /tpr and /home for up to 4 homes.
  • Trade: Use /trr to initiate trade with a person anywhere on the map for a safe and fun trading experience.
  • Instant Craft: Why wait to craft an item? It sucks and it's boring so we have 0 craft time.
  • Stacks: Increased stack counts for almost every item so you can manage your inventory more efficiently.
  • Kits: Use the /kit command to see a list. We have daily, bp, starter and an autokit. Donor kits to be added.
  • No Decay: With the exception of twigs, no other foundation type decays.
  • Leveling: Leveling system that gives increased resources each time you gain a level. Cap of 121.
  • 3x Smelting: Don't you hate waiting on your furnace to smelt something? So do we so smelting is 3x.
  • Gather:Up to 12x gather on all resources when level cap of 121 is reached.
  • SIL: Want to paste a photo of some hot model on your sign? Using /sil <url> you now can! Limit 1024 kb.
  • Better Loot: Refined loot tables.
  • Limit ladders: Ladders can be placed on rocks but not on buildings with an auth cabinet.
  • Private messaging: Simply type /pm <username> to speak privately with someone on the server.
  • Clans: This server fully supports the creation of clans. Type /clan to see how.
  • Friendly fire: If you're in a clan with someone, friendly fire is automatically disabled and can be toggled.
  • Death Messages: When someone is killed by someone or something, there's a server wide broadcast.
  • Vote Day: If you hate playing in the dark, simply vote for day time and if it passes (69%) then it becomes day.
  • Anti Cheat: Besides having active admins keeping a watchful eye, we have anti-cheat software to help keep logs on these guys.
  • Live map: We support the Rusti:IO live map extension. You can view our map here:
  • Airdrops: Every 30 mins with coordinates given.
  • Coordinates: Wish to track down an airdrop's x/y/z coordinates but don't know yours? Type /loc to see them!
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