Any point to SLi anymore?


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he doesn't make that much money to afford two at a time.
I’ve had threesomes in the past with two women before. Not really a hedonist. However, your wife is pretty good in the sack. Hope you remember to give her a big wet kiss when you get home!


Dec 27, 2017
It’s 2:30 and I still can’t sleep... my experience with SLI going back to the 9800GX2, dual GTX 280’s and a little 5870 crossfire. Every single time I’ve had significant issues messing with settings to get the 2nd gpu working in popular games and/or graphics heavy games. Even when they’re working well there’s many games that don’t support multiple GPUs. Not to mention multiple display multiple gpu bugs, microstuttering, half-second freezes from time to time too. While SLI back in the 780ti days, it was working well most of the time- now the Honus of functioning multi gpu setups is on developers rather than on NVidia. Even if I had plenty of scrilla to but you wouldn’t see me buying a multi gpu setup because of the waste of time it is setting up. Multiple drivers, games, and confide isn’t worth it to me. I’m not 20 years old anymore and I don’t enjoy dicking around my computer anymore. I’d rather make money, enjoy the comfort of an attractive woman, or do something productive. If you’re someone with very few social opportunities and enjoy pissing away money from (broke student to rich moron) lack of opportunities elsewhere then go ahead. Come join the neck beard parade online and compare my overclocks to yours!

Mmmm, SLI = Two attractive Women. :)

With personality disorders! :(