Any PCI Fan controllers?


Limp Gawd
Apr 16, 2004
I know that Sunbeam Theta TP101 can do the job but, the company doesnt look reliable in terms of driver updates since it hasn't been updated in a year. The USB cable must be connected and only through the rear externaly and even though its a PCI card.. it serves no purpose in the PCI slot for power. You can place it anywhere. If you unplug the USB accidently it will shut off the fans and youll have a hard time getting them all back on.

Are there any other cards available or is this the only one?
Jul 3, 2006
Unfortunately no. This is the only one that I have found that mounts in the PCI slot. I was looking at getting it myself a while back but decided againts it because I realized I didn't need to control that many fans. I was frustrated as well with the fact that it connects to the USB and not to the PCI, that just shows lazyness on the part of the designers that they wanted to use a USB interface instead of a PCI interface. However, if you really were worried about tripping out that cable then its possible to either route the USB cable back into the case and then back out up near the USB port. Another idea would be to make a USB port that you can plug into the connectors on your motherboard meant for a frontal USB port and then just run the USB cable into the case and to the rigged up front port you just made, that would keep all wires inside at least and you could then even super glue the plug into the card to insure it never got snagged out.