Any issue with putting a computer inside an open cabinet?


Feb 23, 2013
Hi guys. We have a built in desk in the office that has a cabinet with a door on it. That is where the computer i am building is supposed to go. I used a large circular cutting drill bit to put several large 4 inch diameter holes in the cabinet sides and i would also keep the door open. Do you see any issue placing a Store Scout 2 inside? Would this cause heat issues even though its been vented and the door remained open?
As long as the air going out can pass through directly out a hole, it should be ok, and the front door open.

The case would also need good airflow to keep the air flowing.
Its a wooden cabinet with a closed back built in against the wall. I cant drill or open the back but if i had several 4 inch holes cut towards the top on the cabinet sides where the heat could rise and flow out i should be ok? The Storm Scout 2 has 9 fans.
What about if i put two fans in the side of the cabinet? Have one blowing in at the bottom and one blowing out at the top? Maybe connect them to the computers power supply so they turn on when i turn on the computer? Would that work? What would i use to connect them to the molex cable from the power supply?