Any interest in a gaming PC (ATX) "desk-TOP" case? Would appreciate feedback!


Sep 8, 2013
Reposting this due to many updates from last thread (last thread deleted).

So about over a year ago, I integrated a PC case into my computer desk as seen here:

Now since then I have gotten many inquires of doing this custom mod for people, and till recently I came across the crowdfunded M1 case, and it got me thinking about making a case that sits on a desk, that functions similar to the pc/desk mod I did?

The Purpose:
To introduce a new style of case on the market that captures the beauty of whats inside the case without needing to do extensive modding.

I find it kind of pointless to spend so much on expensive tubing, sleeving, fancy lights, fans and then stowing it away in a case with a fairly with a small window. If you look at peoples setup around the web, many people keep their pc case on their desk, with the aim to "show off" their PC case...but those cases are the norm nowadays, and I don't think they grasp the beauty of the case as the prototype I am about to propose.

The Idea:
So after a year of using the initial PC case/desk I made, I discovered many of the issues I wish I could fix.

With that in mind, it came to me that it was very possible to actually construct a stand-alone case with a large glass/plexi screen that could be used by anyone as easily as buying their own case.

The Prototype design:
Here are the following prototype designs for the "pc on a desk" case (credits to 3D design go out to David G.):

The model has been redesigned to support a full ATX motherboard as well as a microATX:

Note: This is still a work in progress so not all the details are there yet! (and may be a few problems here and there)












Explanation of Model:

  • So the model has a plexiglass screen along the entire front, allowing all the inside/components to be seen (setting up for some very cool watercooling related setups). We want the case to ultimately to be made of all aluminium (need to consider price).
  • The case supports ATX motherboards as well as micro ATX
  • The case is setup to be watercooling friendly and should have more than enough room for a radiator, reservoir (various sizes) and pump all WITHIN the case.
  • Space for a slim optical drive.
  • Modular or non-modular full ATX PSU
  • TOP and BOTTOM compartments to hide cables, and easily get them where they need to go. This is where all the LED and various lighting stuff can be done too.
  • There is also space next to the PSU to hide cables for those of you that don't use a modular PSU (holes for where to feed wires are not designed yet).

We need your feedback:

So we really are looking for your guys feedback:
  • What do you guys think of a case like this? Would you buy one?
  • How much would you be willing to spend a case like this?
  • What improvements or features would you like to see implemented into the case?

We ultimately want to kickstart this case if there is a large enough interest, so please let us know...I would love to see some innovation to the case market and bring a new style of case to PC enthusiasts.
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Sep 24, 2007
I personally would not need something like this as I build my own. However I do think 3 feet wide is a bit big.


Aug 4, 2005
It's a cool concept, and very different, which I applaud.

All in all it's a niche product to be sure, but I might go for it.


Apr 6, 2008
Nice design, need some 5.25" slots though, maybe 2? From what I've seen with your design it looks like you want people to use a slim drive. Limited options with slim drives.

Would the Plexi be part of it's support across the from, how thick are you thinking for it? Cause the weight of 3 monitors sitting on top without a solid foundation may be an issue.

Agree with Rusty, seems a little big, but hey, I like big cases!

Slide out mobo tray would be nice.


[H]F Junkie
Sep 7, 2011
A lot of wasted space near the radiator. You could easily redesign the case around a 280mm rad instead of a 360 and reduce the length and maintain cooling performance, you could also move the rad over on the right side of the motherboard (looking down on the mobo from the front) and scoot the PSU somewhere else and take off nearly a foot of wasted space.

You obviously know your stuff, I don't want to sound condescending: but I've built tons of different gaming builds using a large variety of Mobos, cases and PSUs and all I can see there is that there would be TONS of cables running in sight of the user. Those USB I/Os usually plug in the bottom of the board (to the left the way its oriented on this case), and they are going to be running directly in front of the Plexiglas window, the same with the PSU cables for the video card(s). Also, most enthusiast Motherboards have right-angled SATA ports, thus this case would have all of the SATA cables clumped up and jutting towards the front Plexi. Just try to visualize ALL the cables for I/O, Power and Sata running all over the place and you can imagine that this won't look that great unless the builder uses tons of sleving and extensions. You can minimize this if you make sure all of the cables are long enough so they can utilize the top-area management, but that still leaves all of the SATA cables in dead-sight of the plexi. It may be worth it to redesign the case so the Cable management area is below the motherboard

That seemed really critical, but overall you have an awesome idea. I want to see a revised model.

Edit: I just saw that you have bottom-side Cable Management as well as topside: ignore my previous comments.
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