Any gpus in 2019 going to support hdmi 2.1? lg's 2019 tvs confirmed to support it

Discussion in 'Video Cards' started by tybert7, Jan 3, 2019.

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    "And through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports, all 2019 OLED TVs and selected NanoCell TVs with ThinQ AI will support high frame rate (HFR). The result is smoother and clearer motion at 120 frames per second for better rendering of fast-action content such as sports and action movies. Support for enhanced audio return channel (eARC) enables home theater enthusiasts to seamlessly utilize HDMI connectivity and enjoy the highest quality audio formats available with superb detail and depth. An excellent option for gamers, the new TVs are compatible with variable refresh rate (VRR) as well as automatic low latency mode (ALLM) which helps deliver a clean image, without stutter or tearing."

    The tyranny of busted ass overpriced monitors with "gaming" features that look like ass and are small as hell will soon be over.

    ...but we still need gpus with hdmi 2.1. If Vega 2 is released, doubt that will support it, it's possible navi will support it but I wonder if those chips will be too low end to get much use for vrr @4k?

    I doubt nvidia will release any major to chip designs in 2019, so we'll probably have to wait until 2020 for them, and even then it's not guaranteed they would drop the requirement for gsync module only options.
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    I can't see Nvidia not releasing something new in 2019. Especially if Navi is even half way descent. I don't expect 7nm Vega to be a consumer card. If Navi comes out first quarter and its mid range 3080 is around rumored 2070 performance for anywhere near the reported $250 that leaves Nvidia in a predicament. I truly expect them to also release an updated series on 7nm. High end Navi is supposed to launch end of 2019 early 2020.