Any experience with Foxconn PVA080G12Q 80x80x25mm PWM fan?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
A friend decided to dust out their computer. Apparently they decided to do this while the computer was still turned on. Then somehow during the cleaning they stuck something into the CPU fan (Delta AFB0812SH 80x80x25mm PWM) and broke a fan blade.

At that point they decided that they had done enough damage to their own computer and called me. I ordered an exact replacement fan from eBay. After an unusually long shipping time the fan finally arrived, and it's a Foxconn PVA080G12Q. Both fans are the same size (80x80x25mm), and both are PWM, but power consumption on the Foxconn is slightly higher, and I'm finding conflicting information about what kind of bearing the Foxconn fan uses.

I'm mainly worried that the new fan will be louder than the original fan (this is an office computer, can't get away with having it sound like a blowdryer). Also, the original Delta fan was a high-quality ball-bearing fan while the Foxconn might be a Sleeve-bearing fan. Some sites have the Foxconn listed as a "Hydro" bearing, which is really just a sleeve bearing with grooves to help circulate the lubricant.

If it was for me I'd probably just return it, as the eBay auction was for a specific brand and model fan, not just a generic 80mm PWM fan. But if it's on par with the Delta it would be nice to get this computer up and running sooner.

I know it's a long shot but if anyone has any ideas or experience regarding this fan, that would be helpful. Thanks.