Any companies that offer 0% interest on a laptop?


Oct 17, 2005
I was surprised I always figured Dell had 0% interest on their computer. But the best financing they had was 16% APR.... blah my credit cards are way better then that...

Just figured 0% was the standard for cheaper things to give you more incentive to buy. hmmph
I don't know of any company that will offer 0% financing unless it's for a special, limited time offer - and that only for something like 6 months to a year after which the interest that you thought you were not going to get hit with gets dumped on you based on the full amount instead of the current remaining amount if you haven't paid it off in full by that time.

If you have a bank or CU that will do it, try applying for a revolving loan. Such loans are usually in the 6-10% interest rate range, and can usually be attached to a debit card checking account as a sort of overdraft protection as well. Revolving loans are basically CC's with lower spending limits in exchange for the lower interest rate.

You could always try something like, though to tell you the truth I consider offers like those to be the next thing to a scam considering you have to sign up for what seems like 101 different offers from various companies before you get your "free" whatever.

On a side note...a CC that is better than a 16% interest rate? What CC is that? I need one of those. Most CC offers I've looked at always start low for a short while and then spike to 22-25%
umm my washington mutual is 9% I dont know anything about credit cards really I know I have a good credit score but I rarely use credit...maybe it was introductry I dunno.
Other than struggling car companies, I have never known anyone to offer 0% for the life of the loan.

When I bought my Dell 2001fp I got 0% and no payments for six months, but if I failed to pay it off in full before those six months were up I would have been hit with all of the interest accrued over those six months on the full price of the monitor. I ended up paying it off within three or so months, so it was a good deal, but you have to read the agreements carefully on deals like this, the companies are banking on people who don't manage to pay it all off and thus they get a nice bonus in finance charges.