Any Chrome really really good developer type folks?


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Jul 9, 2002
In house, we use Chrome as the front end for a web based app.
During our upgrades from W10 enterprise 1809 to W10 Enterprise LTSC, and using the newest version of Chrome, we noticed that there is a different 'selection' setting, Im wondering how to get that back, I cant seem to find anything in /Settings and in the change notes, nothing popped out at me with wording to point to what Im seeing.
Selection boxes changed from Blue (v78..), to white (v80-v84) to nothing (v90, v91..)
This is 78.0.3904.70, and the user 'selected' the ON AIR / Logo box and selected the 'unlock' icon.

This is the v80 and v84 (white, not blue)


The version of the web based app has not changed, Im just rebuilding the clients to LTSC with the current version of Chrome we deploy enterprise wide..
Our IT security dept doesnt want to have old versions of Chrome out there.
We do not deploy any themes to chrome, and the windows is default theme with only the background set by BGInfo (navy blue), and these machines are on a network that cannot access the Internet , so no auto updates for Chrome.
Anyone have any ideas?


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Sep 6, 2006
When the website is running, hit F12 and look at the console. Any errors happen when you do your clicking? It could be a breaking javascript problem.

Most likely it may be a change in the chrome://flags you'll need to do, but it needs to narrow down if this is a CSS or js issue.


Oct 3, 2007
In my experience, 9 times out of 10 something like this is a CSS+JS problem. Chrome debug makes life easier sometimes. Select the element in question and browse the Styles area (usually on the right).

It also can't hurt to CTRL+F5. Browsers like to cache JS for long periods of time, despite normal refreshes taking care of all other static content. Upgrading something like Bootstrap, which requires both CSS and JS to be in sync, can cause weird things like this. You might not even see JS errors, because having the wrong CSS won't throw JS errors.