Anti-virus help? Symantec corp, Avast, or other??

Aug 19, 2002
I have searched and I know that Avast and Eset are both reccomended, typically a bit more than other options here, for free and paid AV programs...but I haven't seen them compared much with Symantec AV Corp.

So here's my situation. I can get a free copy of Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate edition from my work. I haven't seen too much talk about Symantec AV Corp. I hate Norton and wouldn't ever use norton. But the Corp anti-virus seems to work ok on my work pc without too much system performance degradation.

So my question good is Symantec Corp compared to other versions such as Eset and Avast? Should I use the Symantec Corp...or switch to Avast or Eset??

I am using Vista64 if that matters??


[H]F Junkie
Sep 6, 2007
SAV Corp is every bit as good as the others mentioned. The only downside to it is, for one person, you'd never want to pay for it, but it wasn't intended for retail usage. It protects very well, doesn't give any slowdown in terms of performance or resources, and keeps itself updated without nagging the user. I roll it out to all my my employees, and it doesn't give me on bit of an issue. In two and a half years, not one of my employees have gotten a virus.