Antec EDGE 750W Power Supply Lucky Draw

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The PS is gorgeous and my power supply is probably 5 years old at this point so it's due to be replaced soon.
I want an Antec PSU because my video card is slurping juice out of my current PSU like no one's business. A Tim the Toolman Taylor would say MORE POWER ARH ARH ARH
I need a more powerful power supply so I can finally install my new graphics card as my current one isn't powerful enough.
The design on that psu is gorgeous, would really compliment the MSI gtx970 I've been eying.
Haven't had any issues with Antec cases or power supplies, and I've been looking for a new quiet modular PSU.
I want an Antec PSU because they're high quality, and this one has good specs and would also look good in my system.
I need an antec psu because I need a quality modular psu to put into one of my rigs. I've had Antec cases and I've enjoyed them. Let me try a PSU!
I need a new PSU and I don't have the scratch for an Antec.
Why do I want to run an Antec, Because unlike other manufacturers, Antec have never blown up on me. High quality and reliability. These are the things that we gamers cherish.
I could use this wonderful Antec PSU for the PC that I am building for my girlfriend. We are buying our first house soon so money is a little tight.
Because i am need of a power supply and this one seems to offer everything i need plus cable management :)
I have a 7 year old 550w Antec NeoPower PSU in my system right now that's been through 3 builds and it's been an amazing workhorse. When it finally dies, if ever, I'll be getting another one. In my experience, Antec makes the most durable PSUs you can buy. I am thinking about getting a dual R9 290x setup going so if I do that I'll need to replace old faithful, what better way than with another Antec but in 750w flavor?
This Antec PSU is the perfect wattage for a new project, and it would fit the color scheme.
The cabling of a modular PSU would be very nice.
I have not used one in any of my builds.
I have a corsair 750/ antec 520/ in two systems now.
I would replace my older antec one with this to support a new video card setup.
i never new a psu could cost soooooooo much. my graphic card costs less than the psu. hope i get it for my gaming(dumb) pc .
I need the power supply because I'm a poor unemployed person and my old 40$ 600W power supply is dying + it doesn't have sufficient cables for rest of the system. I have to use adapters just to get lot's of the right connectors.
This highly limits my current system and makes it messy inside.
Fixing to build a new pc. What better way then to have a matching red and black theme. While showing off the Antec Edge 750W Power supply in the window.
I'm still running my trusty and amazing Signature 650w but I could use something with more 8 and 6pin connectors for another 970 soon!
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