Antec EDGE 650W Power Supply Lucky Draw

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I'd love to run a modern, quiet power supply, mine is getting very long in the tooth...
never used an antec PSU, but it looks like a good solid unit and i would love to have a modular for a change
That looks like one sweet power supply.

I would use it to replace one of my aging power supplies.

Oh, did I say that power supply looks super sweet?
The first system I built was with an Antec power supply. I still have it in the closet for testing fans and such (300w PP-303X).
oh hell yeah

I want to run this PSU because it is from one of the only 3 outfits I trust in power supplies
My BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P8 ruin my ears... squeaky coil and that clicking fan...

I wanna eat that beautiful silent Antec EDGE PSU.

Save the my ears !
Well because I have a three year old XFX 650W PSU and I like to eventually replace it, plus it's made by Seasonic whom I trust more than anything when it comes to PSUs
Antec power supplies have always been solid for me. Heck, I'm using one now. I'd like a modular one to reduce cable clutter though.
I want to build my son a PC for Christmas and this Antec EDGE 650W Power Supply would be perfect!!
Because... sexiness!

Plus full modular and 650W would be much better than what I have now.
Antec is one of the powersupply companies that I expect quality products from. would be happy to use in a new build.
I've got an Antec case and this power supply looks like a perfect match. Same (black) colour and modular design are a great plus :)
I want to run an antec psu on my rig because it will be much MUCH more reliable than the POS the blew up my previous rig.
Working on lowering my power usage, now that i don't need 800W ... the red overs would also match my build

I wants me one and antec has always been good to me
My first system build used an Antec PSU, now I don't have any because there have been good competitors. The new Edge line looks promising, well-reviewed, so I'd like to try it out.
I am a long-time user of Antec Powersupplies. I'd love to upgrade to a new Antec PSU with modular cables, but the old units just keep soldiering on.
Because just LOOK at that baby - it is a work of art. Add to it that Antec is a well respected and trusted company and you have a complete winner!
The reason I would want to run an Antec specialized Power Supply is the fact that my current power supply is extremely old. I'm surprised it is still able to power my system. :(
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