Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

I like Antec's quality and affordability. I have since my first lanboy back in college :D
Antec makes generally good stuff, of late I've been particularly impressed with their PSU lineup where they have been sourcing from good quality OEMs like Seasonic.
Have loved my Antec 300, and have suggested their cases and products to several of my friends when they went looking for parts for their rigs.
Antec is the only brand PSU that didn't blow up in my old PC of 10 years+. My SP500 is still kicking. That's sayin' something.
Good quality in both cases and PSU. I also commend their customer support for helping replace stuff in the past.
Antec was the first case I bought and after that I swore I would always buy Antec because the quality and design per cost ratio was by far the best. Go Antec!
I am using Antec PS and case when typing this message. Reliable and... that`s actually all I need. Reliable.
Using a 900 Watt HCG for a year now ... Nice psu and it spanked the competition price wise.
Could always use a high end Antec case!
Antec's cases are the best year after year. Antec power supplies are dependable.

Hope i win one of these, I could use a new case. A five year old Antec would become someone else's love.
I have an antec plusview 1000amg and it still is awesome to this day easily one of the best computer purchases I've made. Now that antec has those soundscience speakers I'm sure I'll say the same for those in a next couple years (I'm afraid to put them at full volume :p) I've never tried an antec power supply though... but if I had one... :D
I've always loved antec products. My very first case was a beautiful antec full tower. Excellent case designs with great internal layouts. Quality company with quality products!
I love my p182, quiet, superb cable management, noise dampening AND air filters! Thanks antec for getting the ball moving on this.

The psu's are amazing, I have 3 but the best story is an old 550watt that has moved through 5 pc's eventually finding a home in my mom's pc. Bestbuy told my mom her computer was 100% broke and need a new one, I replace the psu and it works! just like new! Thanks antec, my mom thanks you too! (it is way over kill for her c2d 6300 machine, but free.)
I've used Antec cases and power supplies for many years because they're reasonably priced, have great features, and look good.
I have and Antec case that is over 10 years old, still in use. One of the ONLY ones at the time with 120mm intake and exhaust fans.
I also have Three Antec PSU's that are are over 5 years old still going strong. One of them came with the case and is 10 years old, another is 8 years old and running a server (2U), and the third is running my daughter's rig.

So, longevity and quality. What's not to like.
I've always like the design of Antec's cases and I LOVE the Airboy!

I wish one of those were being given away.
I like the quality, my NSK3480 with 380W PSU has served me faithfully for the past 3 years.
Antec cases and PSUs have been rock-solid for me. Matter of fact, Antec PSU and case are in my main rig at this very moment.
My Antec 900(v1) has been a great case, if I had gotten just about any other case I don't think I would still be using it. Antec used to be the only brand of PSU I would buy and it's still one of a select few I will consider.
I've owned Antec products over the years. Always been happy with the with their cases and power supplies. Can't seem to go wrong!
I have several Antec power supplies deployed both at home and for clients, and I've never had a single one fail. I've also had several Antec cases, and all have been of stellar quality for a fair price. Thinking of the day I gave away my old "Dragon" style case to my brother still brings a tear to my eye...
Whats not to love about Antec? It's what I all ways use for any rig I want to be rock solid.
Love my P180. Quiet (when the fans aren't cranked up which isn't often) and easy to work with. Really well designed. I have an older (8 years or so) Antec PSU in a Sonata case and both are still plodding along. :)
I've been using Antec Power Supplies in custom builds since 2002. In fact, I still have a Antec True Power 550 setup in an Athlon XP build. Antec continues to be on my short list of power supplies worth considering whenever I am building a new computer.

Regarding cases, I have always admired the build quality, sleekness, intelligent design, and functionality of Antec cases. Although I have never personally owned an Antec case, the Antec case offering would certainly be a consideration for me in any future build.
Been a longtime user and fan of Antec. The P180 was my favorite case.
I own an Antec 900 from a while back and it's still sturdy with solid airflow. The 750 gamer PSU has been nothing short of great.
I have had many an Antec case and PSU and besides the cases just looking good they always hold up and the PSUs just work and work consistently.
Always loved the cases, never tried their PSU. Certainly could use both for my new build coming soon!