Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

Oh man, sure would be sweet to get new case, kinda sick of my TT now.
I could use an updated Antec case. My 900 two is an awesome case but new scenery on the desktop would be nice. :D
I really like the Antec Three Hundred cases. Solid build, good price and breath very well with little noise.
Never had an issue with Antec gear. I've had numerous of their power supplies and the P180 Mini is my favorite case to date.
They have the best stuff on earth!

I especially love their power supplies.
Using an Antec 900w HCG in my gaming rig right now, and it's about as rock solid and stable as they come. I definitely wouldn't mind winning a modular PSU and another case to mod on, though. :)
My old Antec case is still rockin', but a new build based on the new generation of Antec would be sweet.
I have been using Antec cases for 27 years and currently have 2 out of 3 machines here using the P180 & P183 cases. They are excellent cases for a silent pc, especially when one uses SSD drives as in the machine I built for my wife which can hardly be heard.

/* Phil */
Well, I am a bit new to pc building, but I have an antec fusion remote case with an antec psu in my HTPC and I absolutely love them both! The case is especially nice, looks great, has remote functionality, fits some pretty large cards for an HTPC case, and blends perfectly with an entertainment center. I recommend it to anyone looking to do an HTPC build.
I always look for quality, reviews and features when I buy a case and power supply. Somehow, I always end up with an Antec case and matching power supply.
I like Antec as a brand, I've had multiple Antec branded parts and I generally find them to be above average quality and build if not very above average. If I don't win something in this drawing there's a good chance my next system would also have an Antec branded item in it.
Easy. I've always used Antec for PS and Case needs. Also always had recommended it to friends and family.

They are a known reliable brand.
I still have my old aluminum Antec Super LanBoy case sitting around. I don't normally hold on to all my old computer stuff, but I can't make myself get rid of it. It was such a quality case that worked great for a long time.
Ever since I saw my roommate's P182 I knew I had to have one. It was simple, sleek and quiet.

I built my next machine using one and now my new build sits in a P280.

Keep making classy cases, Antec. And [H], you're more than welcome to give me more of their stuff :)
3 things I love about Antec:

& Quality.

The P180 and P182 are still in use around here years after I bought them, and with 4 kids and multiple moves, they've taken their abuse.
Antec makes great stuff, I have one of their power supplies in my kid's machine, and
another in a home server.
Antec is always at the top of my list when building new computers for both PSUs and cases, their track record is a tough act to follow.
They were my first computer case, and the build quality is great! Im looking to upgrade to a new Antec case!
I like the unique case designs that both look good and are generally easy to put together. The Sonata has been one our favorite cases for a long time.
Have used Antec cases and/or PSUs in my last two builds, and would love to have an 1100 for my next build.
I love Antec products because of their quality, innovation, design and simplicity. They're always bringing out new features, like the modular LANboy, and they mostly use Aluminium or other metals on their equipment. I hate plastic ! . Their cases are usually dark, modern and usually got a great Stealth look !.. :) That's what sets them apart from all the other brands.

I am a fan of their cases,and cooling fans. Their silent fans are great !

Thanks for the opportunity.
I've been using Antec products for a few years now and I can say that I've had nothing but good experiences. We sell a few of Antec's products at Staples and I always encourage customers to buy them over other brands due to the great experiences and reliability I've had with Antec.

I'm currently building a new computer right now and I'm looking forward to see if I'm lucky enough to win one of these PSUs!
I've owned many Antec products over the years. Always been happy with the quality and performance
Totally in for this one. Antec have always been up-front about what their stuff can and cannot do, and I appreciate that in a company.
+ their PSU's are solid in testing and the results always show very efficient power delivery.
Have used antec psu since my first one in '03, the ANTEC SL350S only reason I've ever changed an old antec psu for new has been as Tim Allen would say "More Power"... If the cases are anything like the power supplies they are great.
Antec is about the only brand I haven't tried so far. How bout you send me these so I can see what all the buzz is about? :p
Personally, I like ANTEC because the main focus is functionality and quality.

Don't currently have any of their products, but was planning on using some for an upcoming build.
I like Antec because they are so reliable and dependable. They can last for a very long time.
I have never had an Antec PSU but i did had some cases like the Three Hundred and the DF-85 and i really like the build quallity on these babies!
First computer I put together myself was in an Antec Three Hundred Illusion case some 3 years ago. That case is still being
used today! And still working great!
I have 1 x Sonata II, and 2 x Sonata III's. Love how silent and reliable they are. Think I am going on 5 years now with 1 of them, and 4 years on the other two, yet they are still going strong.
Wow. I have GOT to get my hands on one of these packages, this looks simply magnificent. I haven't seen any bad reviews on Antec gear, and I don't think I will. Really great job guys.