Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

My first custom build was an antec super mid tower. Rock solid PSU and fantastic ergonomics :)
Antec's P280 will always triumph over the Fractal Design R3 in my heart, it will forever be my silent killer!
I love my P180, since it has been so versatile for me when upgrading, i have not had to replace a genuine awesome case, As the P280 has similar features it would be a considerable nice upgrade for all P180 lovers. My Antec power supplies has been superb in my DIY server cases, no hiccups or issues.
I always like Antec's 900 and 1200 cases, never got around to buying one because I got a Stacker 810 for pretty cheap. But if I were to buy one now, I would probably get a 900 or 1200. My brother had the 850 quattro or w/e they were called and it was a pretty good power supply. I like their HCP line though, might get one of those.
Great, simple-looking cases! I don't like flashy windows or neon lights everywhere, and Antec have a good selection of cases that keep it classy and simple
I've liked Antec gear ever since I started building my own systems. I went out of my way to get their cases and power supplies and the 1030 is still one of my favorite cases ever.
I like the consistency of quality with Antec. I would love one of those big cases!
Still running my Antec Sonata III, well built product that I've never felt like I needed to upgrade. And bonus for making 80 Plus Platinum power supplies with wattages for normal non-hardcore-gaming folk.
I've owned many Antec cases and power supplies over the years and have never been disappointed by their quality.
I've always recommended Antec for builds that my friends and I do because they're one of the best companies out there.

Can't go wrong with Antec.
I rocked my P180 then went to the 900. Power supplies have been top notch but most of all when I contacted customer service when I lost the particular screws for the 900 cases they shipped em to me on there dime. Quality customers service make me choose their products every time.
P180 mini is the best case I've owned, and my TPQ-850 has not hiccuped in years!!
Antec has been for me, a really good value. The company seems dedicated to high quality and diverse and cost effective products. The cases, fans, and PSUs are reliable and quiet. Never had a problem with Antec quality. I tend to go with the larger cases for the extra room, cable routing, and airflow. I really like the tool-less case designs and modular PSUs which save a lot of mess, time and headache.
I need these because my current powersupply is almost as old as I am, and I live in constant fear of it blowing up, taking out the building I live in and all of my files, many of which I've been to slack in backing up.

Plus, my LianLi case uses funny threaded thumbscrews, which I've lost, the power supply keeps sliding around whenever it gets moved. Its just not safe.

So I really need anything I can get.

Plus, thanks to Antec and you guys at H for a contest that us New Zealanders can enter :)

God bless, and happy Independence Day :)
I have an old Antec case... I've put it through the ringer... busted the door off, dented scratched and rusting... but its been dropped, under water kicked sat on and left outside. all that considered... its in good shape.

I have a lil antec PSU in my HTPC... it works... dont realy know its even there... so it gets my thunbs up.
I like Antec, not just because of the good quality cases and PSU's. But actually their environmental approaches such as cardboard protection for packaging, and making the first affordable mainstream Platinum PSU's (Earthwatts platinum). Go Antec!
Antec always seems to put more thought and care into their products than other companies.
I own a DF-85 and a True Power supply and have never went back. I praise their stuff because my case was affordable and I can stack it up with drives and it stays quiet and the power supply has trucked on for over 2 years without making a peep and the combination has seen 4 rebuilds and the only thing i kept was my case and my PSU.

Thank Honey Badgers for Antec for how much money they have saved me, they just take what they want.
My Antec TPII-550 lasted quite a while and i'm liking my small 300 case i've had for a while. Seem like solid performers to me. A PSU/Case upgrade would be sweet.
antec has worked well for me .
two cases and one psu : original 900 case still operating in 2nd pc , htpc mini p180 with a neo550w psu from 2005 still going strong !
For me Antec PSU's have seen me right in a number of mid to high end builds. Thumbs up from me for all their products! :)
From the SX1030 to the Eleven Hundred, every Antec case I've used over the years has been perfect. Their designs and innovations have carried the industry forward and will continue to do so in the future.