Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

Antec's customer service is top notch! The cases I've had by Antec have been well built and competitively priced, and as for the PSU's, we always need moar power.

C'mon Antec, help me out!
clean lines on the cases, very roomy without taking up much room....and some of the best, most durable PSU's available. Antec is a staple of the enthusiast community.
Love the quality of antec products. Their designs seem to always address the different needs of computer users.
Used an Antec power supply for a home server, never had a problem in 10 years.
I've been using Antec cases as long as I have been building units and have always been impressed with their quality and features.
I've used Antec cases and power supplies since I started assembling computers. Their reliability and competitiveness still keeps them on my short list when shopping for new parts. Each one of the 7 computers in my home are powered by Antec.
I want in!

As for why I like Antec's products, I have two reasons.

1. They make good stuff. I don't think I've ever had an Antec product I was unhappy with.

2. For my 18th birthday, my mother bought me the case I'd been wanting for a year - an Antec SX1030. It was expesnive then - about $150, as I recall, and she was being treated for cancer, so it wasn't like we were swimming in money, but I think she knew it would make me happy. This was the last gift she ever bought me, as she passed away about a week before my 19th birthday. To this day, 11 years later, my primary computer is still housed in that same case. I'm quite fond of it, as it's served me well for those 11 years, but try as I might, I can't come up with a reason to replace it because... well... it still works.
I like Antec's stuff. I've had a few cases including a Three Hundred and Sonata III and a Lanboy. Never had a power supply from them though. Good luck to everyone!
have used many an antec case. My computer is in a sonata II my son's is in an Sonata. Love the design philosophy if they are getting a bit long in the tooth. :)
Two words come to mind whenever I hear Antec- practicability and reliability. The tough decision has always been which model to buy for your needs, rather than worrying how the product will last or how it will perform.
I love antec cases and power supplies as they always provide a great products with a great price for what you get. When buying an antec unit, you can be sure that you are actually getting something worth what you paid.
I only use Antec cases because of the build quality and I never have to worry about cutting myself on a sharp edge!
I've been an Antec fan for a LONG time and all my desktops use either their cases or supplies or both. I've never had any Antec product die on me and appreciate their reliability.
Don't have any prior experiences with their cases but I can attest to their wonderful PSUs. I currently have a Neo Eco 400c, HCG-400M, HCP-1200, and TPQ-1200 OC. All of which have been phenomenal!
Good quality, at a reasonable price. Usually can't go wrong purchasing Antec.
Only thing I've used from Antec is their nano-diamond Formula 6 Thermal Paste.

Working like a charm on my 3930k!

I haven't messed around with the other products but I'm willing to be a guinea pig if I win this sweepstakes!

Have an old build that needs a case and a PSU so winning this would be awesome and much appreciated. :)

Have a good one,
I like Antec cases because they are well designed and their PSUs are reliable and highly rated.
I have never used an antec product.

Wouldn't mind the opportunity to.
Antec has always been about price and performance. They don't overprice their items in regards to competitors, instead, they lead the pricing for each model segment they build for.
I think their cases always have very good styling, and I've always found them extremely functional when it comes to building a PC.
Great power supply and case on my HTPC build!
I like Antec cases and PSUs because they make good quality stuff.
Been using Antec products since I started building my own PCs 12 years ago. Currently using the following Antec products in a few of the computers laying around: 2*P280s, 1*P182, 1*NSK2400, 3*620 watt NeoEcos, 2*520 watt NeoEcos, and a 650 watt EarthWatts. Solid stuff.
I haven't tried an antec case yet but would love do a new build in one of their cases to see how they compare. As for their PSU's, I've owned a couple of the earthwatts units and generally found them to be a decent value and reliable.
Antec makes quality products at an affordable price. My Antec PSU has been working flawlessly.
The use of this post is merly indicative that I wish to participate in such a gracious offering.

We must thank Antec and the great [H] for providing the means and the products associated with this drawing to us.

All hail the [H] and Antec!

Ok, I was just out of ideas... :D