Anone else see this InqWell "Article" about SLI?


Limp Gawd
Jul 20, 2004

Did anyone else read this "article"?

Here is a quote for you:

SOME TIME ago Nvidia announced what it heralded as a technological breakthrough named SLI capable of outperforming any other rival trying to conquer the crown of 3D graphics.
But is it really something new as Nvidia claims? I don't think so. History reveals the truth.

3dfx used SLI, which then stood for Scan Line Interleave, to boost the performance of Voodoo2 cards. You could buy a single Voodoo2 PCI for starters, with 8 or 12MB of memory on-board, and pair it with a second one to achieve double performance.

:eek: WOW! Stop the presses! What an amazing discovery! The next thing you'll tell me is Nvidia bought 3Dfx. :p

With reporting like this, it is no wonder that The Inquirer is the best place for solid hard-hitting journalism.

[End Sarcasm]


Extremely [H]
Oct 22, 2000
that was so dumb i thought it was a fuad story.

"But both the cost of this solution, which is a very expensive board with two 16xPCI eXpress channels is needed, and the current two expensive 3D cards will draw, renders it if not obsolete, a technology demonstration and nothing more."

1) the VIA PT980 and nForce4 chipsets are coming out this year, so an expensive Xeon dual PCI-E graphics slot board is not necessary
2) it requires an x16 and an x8 slot, not 2 x16 slots
3) 6600GT is a $199 card, $100 less than a 12MB Voodoo2 cost at introduction, 6800GT PCI-E cards still aren't available
4) the 6600GTs use no external power connectors, the graphic slot(s) provides the necessary power. The motherboard is *surprise, surprise* doing what it's designed to do. :rolleyes:

I have no idea why people take theinq seriously.


Jul 21, 2004
3,233 retard-o-meter just pegged...

EDIT: I just read the rest of the retard-o-meter is now broken...