[Android Police]: Microsoft's app that lies to you about easily switching to W8 Phone


[H]F Junkie
Feb 5, 2012
Microsoft is apprantly wanting to help us Android users see the error of our ways by...lying to us?

Android Police said:
Microsoft Just Released An Android App That Prepares You For Switching To Windows Phone By Lying To You
Posted by Eric Ravenscraft in Applications, News

Changing ecosystems is hard. You have to download your apps all over again and if you're going to a platform that's not made by Google or Apple, you have to wonder whether or not you'll even have your apps available to you. Well, thankfully, Microsoft has stepped in to provide a tool for users to find out whether or not you'll be covered if you switch. I tried it out and guess what it found? 92% of the applications I use are available on Windows Phone! Except...



[H]F Junkie
Jul 25, 2008
It appears to "match up" more than just the currently installed apps.
It matches up all software that is associated with your Google account, whether or not it's installed or enabled.

I used to have an XDA app on my phone, but it's no longer installed.
Well it "matched up" an XDA app.

Oh, Kies too. Even though the Kies Air software is disabled and not displayed in any menu.