Android games with really good music?


Apr 2, 2002
So I just recently got the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The US version is supposed to not have the Wolfson DAC and some people even report hearing annoying noise on their SGS3, but the fact is, mine sounds amazing. Really amazing. Better than my favorite MP3 player with a Wolfson. (I'm still wondering if somehow it could have a Wolfson anyway -- the one that was in the international SGS3 is newer and probably better in many ways.) What's more, it even drives my headphones and IEMs beautifully with no loss in range, noise (even on the IEMs which still aren't the highest impedance in the world, even if they are 21 or so rather than 16) with deep clear and accurate bass.

Anyway, I'm wondering what games can really take advantage of this. For example, I have Canabalt from a Humble Bundle and it sounds excellent with one of the tracks by the artist from Super Meat Boy's soundtrack. World of Goo also isn't bad at all, though it's not my favorite style (not that I'm looking for "8-bit" or whatever by any means.) Ironically, by comparison I actually disliked Bit.Trip.Beat (despite liking Bit.Trip.Runner on the PC.)

Unfortunately, most of the Android games I've played so far have music more in the vein of Angry Birds than Canabalt and I've had absolutely no luck finding anything really enjoyable in that respect so far.
play final fantasy android version, i think those should have good music
That's not really the sort I'm looking for though. Especially since, unless they've changed it, they're really not going to sound that great (FF 1 & 3 are all I see and even assuming the US numbering that means they're going to be pretty old and the music pretty limited -- it wasn't until FF7 that they started really excelling at the music.) More accurately, what I mean is that if they sound exactly like the originals, they'll have all the same limitations on the sound that the hardware originally had and the sound hardware advantages here won't mean anything at all. Besides, the prices are pretty unreasonable for games that I've already played and didn't really love that much to begin with. (Now, if it were Final Fantasy Tactics on there, I'd seriously consider it, but it's just FF 1 & 3.)
they do have ff tactics remade for ios but still not for android
Well, to be honest, FFT's music is closer to MIDI (it's PSF, but they didn't really use much to make it excel beyond being like MIDI anyway) so it wouldn't really be the sort of thing I'm looking for overall. I just meant that it's pretty much the only FF game I'd want to play on Android.