Anandtech: United States Rules Qualcomm In Violation of Antitrust Laws - Qualcomm To Appeal


[H]F Junkie
Apr 22, 2006
An important update on Qualcomm battles against jurisdictions around the world with regard to how it manages its stranglehold on mobile modems.
The United States Federal Trade Commission’s case against Qualcomm has just taken an important step. In a ruling released last night, the US District Court judge Lucy Koh issued her final ruling on the case, finding in favor of the FTC that Qualcomm has violated the Federal Trade Commission Act. As part of her ruling, Koh also outlined a series of remedies that Qualcomm would need to undertake, including terminating its “no license, no chips” policy, and undergoing 7 years of Federal oversight. Qualcomm for its part was quick to react to the ruling, announcing that it will seek an immediate stay of the ruling as well as appeal to a higher court.


Fully [H]
Jun 11, 2004
I like Qaulcom, their stuff just works. Some of our devices use off brand cellular modems and yeah, they go poof fairly easily.