An intranet page that can perform an action with a service account?


Aug 31, 2004
In the past I've seen custom intranet web-based tools that performed actions such as rebuilding a user's Citrix profile while subsequently terminating their Citrix session to ensure the rebuild process was clean and successful. Support had access to a web page where they could input a username and a process would run to to perform this action. If I had known any better, I'd have looked further into this, but here I am wondering how that was done since I could possibly make use of it now.

I can script many things in PowerShell or ye ole batch files to remotely interact with Windows, but what terms should I search so that I can learn how to create a web interface that allows users to run such scripts using a service account without exposing the credentials of the service account? Another example would be a lockout report; input a username into a web page, a specific account queries domain controllers, then returns results to the web page.