An embattled group of hackers picks up the WikiLeaks mantle


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Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
Impressed? Would you trust the Hacktivists?

"Perhaps most importantly, Best says DDoSecrets wants to avoid the cult of personality that formed around Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks leader had exerted near-monarchic rule before being indicted for computer hacking conspiracy and arrested in London's Ecuadorian embassy, where he had sought asylum, last spring. Best says DDoSecrets is moving toward a "co-op" model with a "horizontal structure" of leadership, with no single person in charge of the group's direction.

Former WikiLeaker Jonsdottir, who has both criticized Assange and called for support for him after his arrest, believes this time will be different. "I don’t see anyone in the organization that can be made into the stories we had about Assange, a mysterious superhero," Jonsdottir says. "Like Tina Turner said, we don’t need another hero."

The Twitter ban following its BlueLeaks publication represents a setback for the group. But Jonsdottir says it also shows the importance of the work they're doing. "They will definitely rise above this," Jonsdottir says. "Somebody trusted them with a massive leak at a critical time. And I’m excited to see if it will help spawn more like it.""


May 13, 2013
DDoSecretshas been around for a bit now. Haven't seen anything shady out of them as a group. Just archives of the info they gather, only time will tell if they can have the same flawless track record of WikiLeaks.